Animal Shamanism: What Is A Power Animal?

Animal Shamanism: What Is A Power Animal?

A power animal is an aspect of yourself: the potential energy and catharsis that is waiting for you to unlock. Animal shamanism focuses on finding and bringing back your power animal into your life to create balance and health.

Animal Shamanism: The Power The Inner Spirit

A power animal can be highly symbolic. They can represent personal power, transition, transformation, grief, death and rebirth, peace. And they symbolize the energy within, positive growth, or human like traits like craftiness, strength, farsightedness,  and so much more.

Animal Shamanism

Traditionally animals have always represented some aspect of divine power in tribal beliefs. And they have  always been part of shamanic ritual and practice. Animal shamanism says that everyone has a power animal. And that animal is a spirit within, which can add to the persons wisdom, health and power. So they are a helping spirit, so to speak. The power animal is like a guardian angel, as it will add protection from negative energies and illness and such.

Hence Everyone Has More Than One Power Animal

And depending on which one you find and bring into your life will depend on the attribute that is added to your personal energies.

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  • A power animal can come and go. But if a power animal leaves and doesn’t return, the individual is considered to be dis-empowered. Therefore vulnerable to illness and bad luck.

    So a power animal retrieval is a healing process, where the shaman goes to find a new power animal for you. There is no right you wrong power animal, and size does not matter. A mouse has the power to terrify an elephant. The point is that in animal shamanism, each animal carries a different aspect, and might mean something different for each individual.

    In conclusion the gifts that a particular animal is thought to give an individual varies depending on the energies and attributes that need to be unlocked. Finding your power animal is not hard. An experienced shaman can do it for you, or you can take this course to learn how to do it for yourself. Try it today.
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