Why Is Shamanic Drumming Music Best When It’s Free?

Why Is Shamanic Drumming Music Best When It’s Free?

Traditional shamanism is kind of confrontational. IT deals sometimes in painful ritual, and confronting, not just the positive energies, but the negative spirits too. Drumming is an important part of the shamans arsenal of techniques. It can put the listener into a trance state of ecstasy! Shamanic drumming music is powerful.

Shamanic Drumming Music Connects You To Positive Energy

New Age shamanism tries only to connect and activate positive energies. The progressive, modern belief is to avoid negativity. Focus on the positive as much a possible, to bring the biggest change in your life.

Shamanic Drumming Music

I tend toward the latter. I am not interested in introducing more pain into my life as a form of some kind of terrifying catharsis. Catharsis can happen in a gentle way too, as we become more connected to our inner selves.

It’s true that through certain shamanic substances, that use natural form of DMT, one will have a terrifying and painful night of dealing with all the demons repressed into the subconscious; and later deal with resolving the issues over a period of time. This kind of extreme ritual is guided, and safe, and effective too, but incredibly harsh. I think the same effect can happen through less painful means, over a longer period of time.

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  • Most of the crap that we stuff into your subconscious, there to forget, is still accessible to the individual if they really want to deal with it. Sometimes doing a shamanic journey, into the spirit world, connected to the subconscious is the way to go.

    The way to this subconscious world of dark and light spirits, is through a trance state that shamanic drumming music creates. Sometimes healing is done best thought meditation, because it relaxes the mind relieving stress, and stress is the number one cause of illness.

    Why is shamanic drumming music best when it’s free? Because it’s part of a shamanic course that will empower you to do your own shamanic journey, which can change your life for the better.

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