Binaural beats: Sacred Earth! Free Meditation

Binaural beats: Sacred Earth! Free Meditation

Sacred Earth: Binaural beats meditation! Ever heard of Binaural beats? This is a great meditation!

The Sacred Earth is here at last!

Binaural beats

This music is dedicated to the earth, and that’s why its called the SACRED EARTH.

Binaural Beats, Sacred Earth Meditation:

Let me tell you the deep earthy tones really touch the soul and connect you with mother earth. It is important to ground ones self when practising spiritual ritual. A lot of people forget to do this and end up in difficult situations in their relationships and finances because they are living in the higher realms far too much.

This FREE binaural beats meditation will help in this situation. Through the application of special background tones (binaural beats)– tones our ears can hardly hear by the way–you are guided into a wonderful meditative state, that increases your awareness. It’s so unusually peaceful.

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  • In This State You Might Meet Your Spiritual Guide, Or You Can Come In Contact With Your Higher Self

    Maybe your special spirit animal will appear to you, or like me: see strange patterns!

    Rather than getting into the science of these beats, I’ll tell you what I feel when I listen to them. These beats get me to a meditative place which is similar to when I do extensive mediation breathing. The difference is that these beats get me there much much quicker.

    It’s amazing. All I have to do is listen to this Binaural beats meditation, and it takes me there almost right away. The beats do this same thing as meditation: they balance both side of the brain. This is important if you want to reach a truly meditative sate of mind and body.

    Monks have been training and practicing this their whole lives, and it probably works much better in this way, but still if using Binaural beats is cheating, it works amazingly well.

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