How Can Knowing Nothing Be Our Power Of Creation?

How Can Knowing Nothing Be Our Power Of Creation?

Chapter 3:

What do I mean by letting go of the assumptions that we have all the answers?  What is this power of knowing nothing that I keep talking about? Simply said: it’s the power of creation.  

Everything we think is fact, all the intricacies of our civilizations and empires, whether they be our belief systems, the cars we drive, or the buildings we work in, all of it has been created from the enlightenment of know nothing. By letting go of all fact, you are entering the great mystery.

The Power Of Creation Is The Power Of The Empty Mind

power of creation

It’s this bewildering confrontation with the great mystery, the unanswerable three questions: who are we, where did we come from, and where are we going, that have led us to invent our own explanations about what reality is showing us. Knowing nothing is the true source of creation.

We create who we are, where we came from, and where we are going…

We invent everything in a blind and desperate attempt to comfort ourselves from the weight of something impossible to explain. In this way, we are all creators. In this way, anything is possible, anything we put our minds to can be invented.

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  • The only constant, the only thing remotely resembling a fact is that the universe is constantly changing…

    If we believe quantum physics, we also realize that not only is everything in flux, but nothing material actually exists at all, until we observe it.

    In this way “nothing” becomes a force of nature. If the universe comes from nothing, and is created the moment we look at it, then it makes total sense that what we build, and imagine into existence, like mathematics, or smartphones, comes from that same mysterious force.  

    We are creators, not just passive observers, silently witnessing the universe changing. We’re actively taking part in creating that change. We dream, imagine, and create our realities anyway we see fit. Admitting we know nothing enables us to take responsibility for it.

    This Is Key, Because Reality Can Be Anything We Want It To Be

    Hence it can be paradise on Earth, or it can be the mess we find ourselves in right now. The reason it seems we are stuck in some kind of destructive human condition, is because we have not woken up to the enlightenment of knowing nothing. So we need to stop pretending that there is some higher force controlling all of this, and realize that each and every one of us has the power to change reality for the better, right now.

    In conclusion Letting go is not easy. But it can be done. There are ways, techniques to focus your attention on the truth that none of this is real. Cognitive scientists would say that reality is nothing but a series of experiences. And in some mysterious way, we are creating the experiences we think we need to know. These experiences become our truth, and our truth can be anything we want it to be. It’s a strange life, I know… Get the Power Of Creation here! 
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