How Are Female Shamans Like Wise Fools?

How Are Female Shamans Like Wise Fools?

Female shamans, like Daniela Hills, are compassionate, helpful, and wise people, ready to assist anyone on their spiritual journey. Yet in the color, clank and clamber of their rituals they may appear to be fools. To be sure, the foundation of it all is the purest of wisdom. Shamans are wise fools, often rejecting the norms of the culture in which they live, deeming those norms to be counterproductive.

Daniela is a Wise Female Shaman

Female shamans see further, beyond the facade of commonly perceived reality, to take us to the places in our dreams. This might make her seem foolish, but living an authentic life has frequently been pictured under the metaphor of the fool.

Female Shamans

Like the court jester who is the only one allowed to criticize the king, this is ok, because the jester pretends to be a fool, and fools are always forgiven, because they don’t know any better…

In truth they are the seers, that see the truth for what it is.

They make the truth seem so simple that it can not be denied. The wise fool is the one that is standing at the edge of the cliff, facing the masses, yelling: “stop!” at the top of her lungs, while everyone is walking off the ledge, falling onto the rocks below. At first, the ones heading for the abyss laugh at the lone fool: the only one going the wrong way, until they realize the fool was, in truth, their savior, whom they did not heed… Too late!

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  • Female shamans in history have saved their peoples many times. In some cases, they have even seen approaching enemies in visions and dreams, giving their people time to flee. The powers they have, although some may laugh at the simplicity of their ritual and tools, should not be underestimated!

    Daniela Hills is just such a wise shaman, and she has a shamanic journey she would like to take you on.

    Taking this journey is not a laughing matter, nor should anyone call you a fool for taking it. In the end, you will be the one laughing, after finding, and bringing back your power animal, and establishing new harmony in your life. And your laughter will be that of joy.
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