Good Karma VS Bad Karma And The Theory Of Everything

Good Karma VS Bad Karma And The Theory Of Everything

Would you rather have good Karma or bad Karma? Which Karma is the better teacher? Good karma vs bad karma vs the source of all that is: how does it fit together?

Good Karma VS Bad Karma

Does Karma really exist? Is the Universe really out there?

Good Karma VS Bad Karma

Werner Heisenberg once said that “Reality is not “there” with definite properties waiting to be discovered, but depending upon the actions of the observer”. Thus, Quantum physics says that reality comes into existence through the action of observing it. Experiments have concluded that even the act of thinking about it will create reality, through collapsing the wave of potential, giving rise to particles. Basically, any attempt to measure the so called outside universe influences it, and essentially the measurement creates the result.

In this way, everything we know is subjective to our point of view. Reality, according to Biocentrism, in the theory of everything, is created by the biological creature observing it. It stems from consciousness and the mind. Thus, Good karma and bad karma are also products of this act of observation, and contemplation.

FACT: we are creating our reality. Time and space are just the tools consciousness uses to create a narrative, so to speak.

If you haven’t noticed already, the narrative of life is always embroiled in conflict. In this case, it’s good karma vs bad karma.

One might think that good karma will always win. It’s doesn’t.

Yet bad karma is not all that bad. In fact it’s the best teacher.

Bad karma is telling you to change your way of thinking, and the way you act. It’s telling you to create a new template for reality. You need to do this to have good Karma.

Good karma is often overlooked, because we simply except it, and enjoy our positive experiences. We feel like we deserve them. Bad karma always feels like an injustice, so it stands out more. But we must pay attention to it!

If everything we perceive as our reality is centred around our biological being, and thoughts can influence it, then we need to train our thoughts to create good karma.

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