Mind Body Soul Fitness: My Secret

Mind Body Soul Fitness: My Secret

Do you want to be healthy on all levels? How much do you hate all the choices when you go shopping? Do you want to know my secret for mind body soul fitness?

Mind Body Soul Fitness Starts With Your Diet

I know that lots of people hold to their way of eating almost religiously. Diet is important to all of us. Personally, I was looking for the healthiest, and most human diet possible. I researched it, and found that the Paleo Diet historically is the most successful way of eating humanity has ever done. The Paleo food sources were successfully consumed by humans since 1.8 million years ago. Only in recent industrialized history have we veered off this diet, now close to the point of no return.

I think that science has nailed it on this one. Science is also the less biased, as it really has nothing to sell, especially another fad diet.

Science says humans reached peek evolution before the agricultural shift happened. Even the fact that our brains developed large enough to allow for superior intellect was based on adding meat to our diet. Many people have found that to overcome problems like obesity, diabetes, joint pain, and so much more, they eat what science calls: “human food.”

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  • If You Are Physically Unfit, Your Mind Will Suffer, And So Will Your Soul

    My mind body soul fitness secret is the Paleo diet. I know it works because this is how I eat, and I have lost weight, I have a clear and focused mind, and the joint pain in my foot has vanished.

    I know that the food you eat is a personal decision, and sometimes it’s even political, but this diet really helped me to restore mind body soul fitness.

    What To Eat In The Paleo Diet:

    1. Grass produced lean meat
    2. Fish, Seafood
    3. Fresh fruits and veggies
    4. Eggs
    5. Nuts and seeds
    6. Healthful oils

    Not To Eat:
    1. Cereal grains
    2. Dairy
    3. Refined suger
    7. Potatoes
    8. Processed foods
    9. Refined vegetable oils
    10. Legumes

    Fact: A Paleo diet is the easiest food for our bodies to digest, and leads to many health benefits.
    Fact: Shopping for Paleo food is easy, and will take no time at all, making shopping and cooking decisions, and life, so much easier.

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