Guided Meditation Mindfulness: How To Find Your Inner Peace

Guided Meditation Mindfulness: How To Find Your Inner Peace

Do you want to know how to connect with the real you? Do you want to achieve a mental state by focusing your awareness on the present moment? How about a FREE Guided Meditation Mindfulness download, or FREE guided meditation course?

Guided Meditation Mindfulness

Guided Meditation Mindfulness Technique Before You Meditate

I’m going to show you a powerful technique to help you calmly acknowledge and accept your feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. This will connect you to the moment.

FACT: Worry creates stress and disharmony. Worry does not exist in the moment.  It comes from the past, and it’s projected into the future.

In this simple technique I’m not going to show you how to empty your mind. Other techniques will show you this. But my way might lead to the same result.

This is how I become mindful of who I am, and connect to the moment:

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  • Sit somewhere peacefully, and mentally focus first on your stomach area.  Try and feel it. What is it doing? Is it rumbling? Are you hungry? It doesn’t matter, just be mindful of whatever is happening down there. Now take your mindful focus, and branch out to the ends of your limbs. Mentally move from to the tip of you fingers, toes, to the top of your head.

    Take it all in at once. Try and feel your entire being at once. Pay attention to your thoughts, and any physical sensations.  Focusing on your entire body at once should naturally empty your mind. Stay in this state of mind as long as you can. And congratulations: you have now become who you really are: pure consciousness, the observer. You are not just your thoughts and body, you are this strange watching awareness that can be mindful of everything at once like a cosmic sponge.

    Benefits of Priming Your Mindfulness

    Before listening to a guided meditation it’s a good idea to use the technique I describe above. It will put you closer to achieving inner peace.  Inner peace is a mindful state that is absent of desire, and therefore leads to true joy. Listen to this FREE guided inner peace meditation:

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