Guided Meditation For Sleep, As Loud As Lawnmowers?

Guided Meditation For Sleep, As Loud As Lawnmowers?

Banging drums put me to sleep. If I’m stressed I can’t relax, I can’t sleep. Stress and anxiety kill my chances of a good night’s rest. We’ve all suffered from this. But the loud beating rhythm of drums makes me slumber.  For me it’s the best guided meditation for sleep.

Guided Meditation For Sleep

Guided Meditation For Sleep To Put You Back In Sync

When my mind is active, I just can’t fall asleep at night, or, my brain suddenly comes back to life, and I wake up with worries. So I took this FREE meditation course. It includes 6 different amazing FREE meditations. I realized that the drumming meditation it offers helped me to sleep.

Why Is Drumming The Best Guided Meditation For Sleep?

I had to find out why it worked. It turns out that some people fall asleep to the sound of vacuum cleaners, or a droning TV.  Babies love white noise. The womb is a very noisy place apparently. It’s almost as loud as a lawnmower in there. Hence, babies fall asleep when there is white noise.

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  • Therefore, drumming puts me back into the happy, but noisy, cozy womb, so to speak. My mind attaches to the beat that is played, allowing me to explore the subconscious mind, to find peace within. So the white noise of drumming allows me to drift, and quiets the mind.

    Hence rhythmic beats reduce, or even eliminate the “out of sync” rhythms of my mind and body. When the mind it quiet, stress vanishes. Then I can relax, and sleep.

    How I Use This Guided Meditation For Sleep

    In conclusion, I listen to the Healing drums Meditation, which Daniela offers for FREE, when I want to sleep. It puts me away every time. Click now and get this amazing FREE Course: How To Find Inner Peace Through Guided Meditations! Like I said, there’s  a lot more to this FREE guided meditation course, like gratitude, and finding inner peace: 6 amazing meditations in total!

    Best Free Guided Meditation

    Happy Meditators:


    Mark Dickemous , 1 week ago
    “Daniela, great job very relaxing. Your voice is perfect for this kind of stuff. Still going to do my Master/Teacher just getting some stuff out of the way.”

    Outstanding Meditation Course!”

    James Samuel Myers , 2 months ago
    “Clear instructions and soothing guided practices make this the perfect meditation introduction. The Ho’oponopono meditations are life changing!”


    Guided Meditation For Sleep

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