How Can Healing With Spirits Empower You?

How Can Healing With Spirits Empower You?

One of the best ways to connect with Spirit is through shamanic journeying. Healing with spirits is powerful, and you can learn to do it yourself. And you can learn how to do a shamanic journey to find and bring back your power animal. There are two main spirit animals in a shamanic journey.

Healing With Spirits: Discover The Power Within!

Healing With Spirits

One is a spirit animal who is a guide, the other is a power animal. One guides you through the pearls of the spirit world. The other brings back your personal power. Both bring healing with spirits. Both are aspects of yourself.

In the days of yore the shaman would be the one to go on a shamanic journey for whomever needed healing.

The shaman would find and bring back the power animal for whomever needed it. Today, New Age shamanism offers an online course, where you can quickly learn how to do a shamanic journey to find and bring back your power animal on your own.

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  • I think this is revolutionary, because it empowers you to understand healing with spirits. The New Age is all about spiritual empowerment, side stepping the so called usual keepers of the spirit like priests, and shaman’s.

    We can all communicate with Spirit.

    Hence, it’s not some special power, ordained by god to gifted individuals. We are all connected to Spirit. Open up to the hidden aspects of yourself.

    Spiritual empowerment means being aware of who you really are. You are awareness, which never sleeps. Awareness is always watching, both when you are awake, or asleep. It watches your dreams. It watches what you do during the day.

    This awareness is spirit, understanding this brings new power into your life. But there are lots of hidden aspects to this power, which can be symbolized in animal form for the shaman.

    In conclusion, putting a recognized image to understand abstract metaphysical phenomena is a powerful way to help empower you spiritually, without dogma. Healing with spirits can be done with this amazing online shamanic journey course: become empowered today!
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