How Is The Power Of Gratitude Related To Lemons?

How Is The Power Of Gratitude Related To Lemons?

No, The Power Of Gratitude is Not Sour

There is no doubt that being thankful is something that can be life changing. The power of gratitude is undeniable. But why is this so?

Power Of Gratitude

If you are like me, you are tired of the law of attraction rhetoric too.

So many self proclaimed life coaches, and books, talk about it, and certainly one of these gurus will say that being more grateful will attract what we want. Because the law of attraction says that we will attract into our lives the things we think about the most, so in this case we will attract those things we are thankful for, etc…

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They are probably not far from the truth; but I think the power of gratitude is much simpler than that.

If you are thankful for everything in your life, than life will always seem fair to you.

The question is why should you be thankful when life gives you lemons? Because lemons teach us that in order to make it taste better, so we can swallow it, so to speak, we need to add some sugar. In other words, there are no failures, only good lessons on how to do things the right way. This helps us to grow. So we should be thankful for the opportunity to fail.

The real power of gratitude allows us to wake up to the abundance we already have, which is life itself!

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  • Just being thankful for this mysterious, miraculous experience we call life is enough!

    When I was younger, there were several occasions when I should have died. But I’m still here today, and I’m very grateful just to be alive. If you focus on the miracle of life, you will find all other desires falling away from you, and you will be filled with inner peace, and prolonged joy. This is ultimately what practising gratitude, on a regular basis, will do for you. Try it! Be grateful now! And you just might attract what you need into your life…
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