How To Find Inner Peace With An Online Meditation Course, And Simple Technique?

How To Find Inner Peace With An Online Meditation Course, And Simple Technique?

The most difficult part in finding inner peace is letting go of your desires. One way to start doing this is to take this online meditation course: inner peace. It will guide you. But to get started right now, I’ll show you a simple technique.

Online Meditation Course

One key to finding your inner peace is to focus on the moment. Living in the moment is not that easy to do either, considering that we are distracted constantly by our environment, and smart phones. People look at their smart phone screens, on average, 46 times a day, that’s 8 billions times a day in the USA alone. Some people have to look at their phones ever 5 minutes.

Escape Distractions With An Online Meditation Course

In many cases people have become so socially nervous, that they purposely look at their phones to avoid eye contact with the real people around them. Their phones have become a virtual wall, so to speak, that they hide behind, distracting them from living in the moment. This kills spontaneity, and is a form of escapism. Don’t get me wrong, technology is just a tool. A tool is neither good or bad, it’s the intention we give the tool that makes it so. I think there are huge advantages to smart phones, like listening to an online meditation course.


All I’m saying is that it won’t hurt us to put the phone, and all other distractions,  away time to time, and focus on the here and now. The reason why this is important is that if you live in the moment you live without the burdens of the past, or the worry of the future.

So Here Is How You Can Start Understanding, And Living In The Moment:


Optional: get the inner peace mediation ready to roll, either on your computer or smart phone, use a pair of headphones or speakers, turn off any automated notifications on your devices.

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  • 1. Turn off or put away any other distraction, (if you are just doing the self-awareness part listed below, and not listening to the meditation, turn off your smart-phone and computers), etc.
    2. So find a quiet, comfortable spot.
    3. Now relax, and try to empty your mind of thoughts: close your eyes, and imagine a blue sky, and a single white cloud, focus on it for a few minutes until you become part of it.
    4. Take several deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling slowly, continue to turn your attention away from the burdens of memory, and the worries of the future.
    5. Now focus your attention on yourself, you can keep your eyes closed, or open them now.

    6. Focus your attention on your centre, your stomach. Feel it. Go with that feeling and carry it to the extremities of your entire body. In other words: focus on your fingers tips, and ends of your toes.
    7. The trick is to feel your whole body at once, all the way to the top of your head, right down to your toes and fingers. This really helps to put you in the physical moment. Stay, as long as you can, in this state of self awareness… But don’t forget to eat dinner, lol!
    8. Optional: now turn on Daniela’s free inner peace guided online meditation, and you are on your way to joy.

    9. Repeat at least once a day.

    Take her online meditation course now: Inner peace and be guided toward more inner peace, gratitude, and reprogramming yourself toward a positive Karma!
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