Looking For Meditation Classes?

Looking For Meditation Classes?

Learning in groups is great.  When learning with the energy of positive students there’s a lot of positive effects. If you attend meditation classes, and connect with other mindful students the experience is more intense and effective. On the other hand, if you’re in an un-concentrated class where students talk a lot, and are negative this can be a bad learning experience.

Meditation Classes

When I was trying to learn a second language, I had this experience. This was an adult class, yet they acted as if they were in junior high. I could hardly learn a thing. The class was filled with stupid remarks, jokes, and antics. It was terrible!

Meditation Classes Can Be More Than You Think:

It’s interesting to see fully-grown people become teenagers again, but I guess it makes perfect sense: they just reverted to the only way they knew how to act in class. Most of them did not take any post secondary studies, and did not mature, so to speak, in learning to love education, which students in college or university enjoy. In a way they where still rebelling, when they should have been grateful to learn a new language, so as to get better jobs. Most of them did very poorly in class.

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