What Is The Magic Number That Youtube Meditation Music Should Play?

What Is The Magic Number That Youtube Meditation Music Should Play?

Mediation music should help you to relax. Youtube meditation music should do the same. Music that plays at the same speed as your heart beat, when relaxed, will help you sync your heart to 60 beats per minute.

How To Listen To Youtube Meditation Music

Youtube Meditation Music
60 BPM is a tempo associated with resting heart rate, and elevated states of higher consciousness.

Heart rate is measured in contractions, or heart beats per minute (BPM). Of course, this rate will beat differently for everyone, depending on their physical needs. The heart beats faster for active people. The body needs less oxygen, and a slower heart beat when sleeping.

Many texts cite the normal resting adult human heart rate ranges from 60–100 BPM. Usually 60 is a normal and relaxed heart beat, which is present when someone is not under strain or stress. This is the magic number that Youtube meditation music should run, so as too get the listener in a relaxed state of higher consciousness.

Reaching an elevated consciousness is important to connecting to Spirit, but it’s hard to get there if your are not truly relaxed. Meditation music at 60 beats per minute will get you there quickly.

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  • The benefits of being in a meditative sate can not be underscored. The Youtube meditation music, the one on this page, may help you focus better, it can boost your immunity system, and help with depression. 60 BPM meditation music is great for your wellbeing. This all leads to a healthy mind, body, spirit connection. Meditation practices help regulate mood and anxiety disorders.

    It also increases grey matter concentration in the brain, leading to more focused daily activity. This can even lead to more profitability if you are running your own business. They say that the great meditation masters need less sleep. This is because meditation acutely improves psychomotor vigilance, and may decrease sleep need.

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