Intuitive Thinking During An Outbreak, But Not When I Go Shopping, Why?

Intuitive Thinking During An Outbreak, But Not When I Go Shopping, Why?

Intuitive thinking is something I do at work but not otherwise

Intuitive thinking is an odd thing. Normally you would think that someone who is an Intuitive thinker would always be so. But it’s not true.

I know from experience. I’m not very intuitive when I go shopping.

Another Example, I work as a news photographer, and over the years I have learned to trust my intuition. Yet, something I realized the other day, when I was covering an outbreak, is that when I’m trusting my intuition I’m not doing this in every aspect of my life.
Let me explain?

So me and my reporter are hanging out on the street, behind a seniors home that has been hit hard by the outbreak

It’s private property so there’s no way for us to get even close to where we need to be, if we want to get interviews with family members.

As we’re standing there I see something out of the corner of my eye, and my intuition tells me that I should Zoom in and shoot whatever is going on, because this is going to be our story. It was a woman standing at the window behind the seniors home. She was far away. I needed to use my range extender, just to get a good shot.

She was standing at the window, and I didn’t know what she was doing, but my intuition told me this is going to be interesting.

I realized that she had a sheet of paper and a pen, and she was writing something on the page. Then she would wave at someone through the window, and then hold the page up against the window as if trying to talk to someone who can’t hear her.

It turns out she was communicating with her mom who was in the quarantined seniors home, and it was incredibly moving and touching because this was the only way they could communicate with each other.

Of course she was worried about her mom, because there were several deaths in the seniors home, and many people infected, including staff.

When she was done, and waved goodbye, we were able to stop her in her car as she was pulling out of the driveway, and we got an amazing story, her story of how difficult the situation was, etc.

Intuitive Thinking

My intuition never fails me when I’m working for the news

What I realize though is that the same kind of trust I have for my intuition during work is not applied to my every day life. I often find myself going against my intuition sometimes the moment I leave work.

For example, I might take a certain road home when my intuition is telling me not to. And when I take that road I end up in a traffic jam.

But my logic was telling me that if I take that road home I will get home sooner, so why not take a risk, because that road is always plagued with the traffic jams.

I should have listened to my intuition. But I didn’t. Then I ended up in a traffic jam stuck.

I just find it interesting that I trust my intuition in certain situations, but not in others.


I now realize it has something to do with the task.

When I’m being professional I give it my all. I remain hyper focused, and in tune to my environment, to remain successful. The adrenalin puts me in the moment, and heightened awareness.

But after work, I let go. I become relaxed, I’m no longer focused, I let the fog of logic in, which is talking to me, and telling me to take a break, because I deserve it. No need to make perfect decisions now, it says to me, this is quality time. As if quality time needs no intuition.

It’s a trap, because intuition is a quiet voice with in, that always wants to talk to me too

I just need to listen to it all the time.

The ego is loud and domineering.

It is demanding that I stop making the right decisions, because I deserve to become the centre of the universe. This means I become unconnected, unfocused, far less aware of my environment, and thus shutting out that quiet voice.


Do you do a lot of intuitive thinking? Are you trusting your intuition in every aspect of your life? If you’re not maybe it’s time to start doing so? I know this is something I really want to do. Start now. Learn to trust our intuition, practice intuitive thinking in every aspect of your life, CLICK HERE

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