Karma And Time And How We Are Fooling Ourselves

Karma And Time And How We Are Fooling Ourselves

Looking at Karma from a Biocentrist point of view, it’s important to understand that space and time are part of animal understanding only. Karma and time have no real connection.

Is Karma And Time Connected Through Our Perceptions?

The ticking of a clock is not time, just a rhythmic way to make comparisons between events, like planetary movements, and the changing of the seasons.

Karma doesn’t exist in linear time. It’s just that forward flowing time lines are all we can perceive. So Karma exists outside of time and space, like a timeless template that gives life to your linear experiences.

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  • Time doesn’t have an absolute reality. It’s an illusion, a biological measurement, perceived by the species experiencing it.

    For example: lets say a YouTube video represents all of life. We can only watch one second of this video on youtube at a time, right? But the truth is that this video exists in its entirety, on a hard drive somewhere, and any part of it can be accessed at any time, by any one, anywhere around the world, just be moving the cursor.

    In Essence, Every Second Of That YouTube Video Is Playing All At The Same Time

    Yet our biological restrictive perceptions only allow us to perceive one second at a time, as a series of events, called the present. Every second after, or every second before that event, gives rise to the illusion of past and future.

    Your Karma Works The Same Way

    So if we imagine karma as being a video that exists beyond the constraints of biological space time perception, it’s like an entire video record, which exists in its entirety, all at once!

    And good karma and bad karma are like the good and bad scenes. They play repeatedly. Linear reality and time can be changed, if you change the karmic movie, so to speak. You can replace the bad scenes with good scenes, and your linear reality will change accordingly.

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