Mindful Meditation And The Brain: How They Can Help You To Create

Mindful Meditation And The Brain: How They Can Help You To Create

When I’m over worked, and I think I’ve got too much to do to meditate, this is when I should be doing it. As soon as my list of things to do gets overwhelming, and my schedule is making me want to cry, it’s time to do a mindful meditation. Mindful meditation and the Brain go hand in hand for helping me improve focus, reduce stress, and increase my ability to relate to others. It also increases my creativity for solving problems.
Mindful Meditation And The Brain

Mindful Meditation And The Brain: The Secret To A Successful Career?

The one common denominator for business success is problem solving. This applies to every industry. If you’re a marketer, problem solving is central to your business. You are pairing potential costumers to products that solve their problems. The entire internet is successful because people view it as a research tool to help them solve problems.

When we have a daunting to do list, and it’s hard to imagine ever getting it all done on time. This is a problem. Mindful meditation can change the brain. It changes the brain in ways that will help me solve problems on any level. My problem might be to have inspiration to solve other peoples problems, not just my own.

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  • To do this I must have the solution to the problem. Yet my logical mind seems to get in my way, and creates stress. I find when I sleep on a problem, suddenly the next day I have the solution. Sleep releases subconscious solutions, which my logical mind blocks. Mindful meditation and the brain works along the same lines.

    Through Mindful Mediation The Brain Changes Like This:

    1. Helps the brain to gain new perspective
    2. Improves focus
    3. It improves memory
    4. Increases our ability to relate to others
    5. Blocks our logical mind, and opens up channels of inspiration

    The last one is the best for problem solving. In this way, doing a mindful meditation, when your career is weighing you down with demands to solve problems, can replace a goodnights sleep. It lets you tap into your subconscious channels of inspiration, which are just waiting to give you the solution.

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