Left Right Brain Hemisphere Balancing Benefits Through A Tibetan Healing Technique

Left Right Brain Hemisphere Balancing Benefits Through A Tibetan Healing Technique

Balance is important in every aspect of reality. This includes the very existence of life on Earth. Forces like gravity are at a perfect balance to allow life in the Universe. Therefore, when left right brain hemispheres are in balance there are many benefits for your life. Achieving this balance is done over time through meditation practices, or quickly using binaural beats. The Tibetan healing technique Daniela offers is meant to balance and harmonize both body sides. But it starts with the brain. How important is it to balance in left right brain hemisphere?

The greatest philosophers and scientists use both sides of their brains in unison. Left is for logic and math, right is for intuition and creative. Therefore, it’s important to balance both sides to increase logic and creativity activity. Since most people rely on one or the other side, it’s more important than ever to create a balance.

Left Right Brain Hemisphere Balance Benefits

1. Once the brain hemispheres are in balance, this can be positive for your entire body. It leads to better neuro- communication. This means a  better performing, more integrated system, optimizing both mental & emotional health

2. New neural pathways are constructed allowing higher levels of function

3. Left and right brain communication produces what doctors call whole brain functioning

4. Your mind will become more awakened, focused, deep, more powerful yet peaceful

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  • 5. Experience an increase in overall mental health, enhancing cognitive performance, better memory and intellectual functioning

    6. Limitless supply of insightful thoughts, with far less anger, anxiety, depression, addiction

    7. You will be happier, more optimistic, while feeling more “at one” with the world

    In conclusion, balance in left right brain hemisphere, benefits will be felt in the balance of both sides of your body too. Your entire being will benefit from this. Therefore everything is connected. And one balance leads to another.

    The same applies in reverse. If one thing is off balance, a domino effect can happen leading to catastrophe.

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