A New Online Course Trance Healing Is Here!

A New Online Course Trance Healing Is Here!

UPDATE: TRY Trance Healing for Free NOW!

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I’m finished working on my new exciting online video course Trance Healing”.

So what is Trance Healing? It’s a method of spiritual healing, where the energy comes directly from your angels, spirit guides and helpers. It’s basically a form of Mediumship, which is the art to connect to the Spirit World.

Trance Healing Course
Here I am editing my video course 🙂

Trance Healing is perfect for helping yourself, and others.

Normally if you want to learn and practice Trance Healing or Mediumship you need to develop it step by step in a Mediumship Development circle. But the problem is, not everybody has such a circle close by, or has the possibility to commit to those circles on a regular basis.

I’ve practice Trance Healing for a long time, and I just love it, because it’s so helpful for releasing emotional and mental blockages.

I was looking around, and I haven’t seen any similar online courses like my Trance Healing course, which is now available!

Otherwise, I hope where ever you live, it’s not as cold as it is here in Canada, Calgary.

Many blessings, Daniela

Trance Healing will help you to practise your spirituality on a regular basis. Of course this has a lot to do with your own discipline.  But being spiritual, in a regular kind of way, is important for keeping your Mediumship skills up, and for your spiritual health!

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    In this certified course you will learn how to work with your Spirit Guides, to heal yourself, and others, on a spiritual level.


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