Spiritual Enlightenment As the Enlightenment Of Knowing Nothing

Spiritual Enlightenment As the Enlightenment Of Knowing Nothing

Chapter 1:

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Spiritual Enlightenment, a Philosophy Of Life: The Enlightenment Of Knowing Nothing

Click For Spiritual Enlightenment! The Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said: “there are no facts only interpretations.” His philosophy of life was existentialism. In this way it seems true that we will never be able to answer the three big questions:

1. Who are we?
2. Where did we come from?
3. And where are we going?

To answer them would be to admit that we know the ultimate meaning of life

According to Nietzsche’s philosophy of life we are alone in the universe, so how can we make any meaning of that? Artist, philosopher, scientists and wise men, have been trying the answer those questions since the beginning of time.

And no one can come up with a plausible explanation through any philosophy of life. Yet confronted with this perpetual conundrum we still think we will understand all the laws of nature, and how the universe works. We still think the answers are out there somewhere, for some it becomes our philosophy of life to find out.

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  • We look further and further into our past and future, and yet we don’t even try to understand ourselves.

    After searching for decades we finally find proof of some radiation in space, our big bang theory is suddenly confirmed. We rejoice, pat each other on the back, and then, when the truth sinks in, we ask the question: but what came before that?

    spiritual enlightenment

    Logic and math will always take us to a dead end, and leave us asking those three questions again. History has shown us repeatedly, that our knowledge born by so called facts, of the world and the universe we observe, as constantly in flux.

    My philosophy of life is that things are always changing, and so should I.

    Because Even basic facts change with every century and civilization, it changes with every study and focus group, sometimes it changes day to day in our technologically driven society.

    I’ll give an example: did you know that the oxygen we breath does not come from trees and plant life, but from the endless tiny bodies of dying plankton decaying on the ocean’s bottom.

    As long as we have living oceans the Earth will always have oxygen regardless of plant life.

    This information was recently discovered through specialized satellite imagery. But is this a fact? Can we base a philosophy of life on it? For now. But it could change tomorrow, or in ten years when a new technology arises.

    So what we think we know is just a subjective world view, created through all of our information sources. The info is steep, shrouded, shaped, and manipulated through layers of cultural beliefs, complex language, historical shifts in landmarks, so called discoveries, and plain old storytelling.

    Philosophy of life for me: the meaning of life is based on storytelling… later…

    “Know Thyself” were the words written above the Oracle of Delphi’s temple: the truth has always been within, not without…

    So getting back to the three big questions, is which, perhaps, we can base our philosophy of life upon, is it a fact that we will never have the answers? Of course not, We have the answers right now, it’s part of out true power, and admitting to yourself that you know nothing is the first step to unlocking them.

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    Keep watching to further investigate a philosophy of life!

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