Why Is Teaching Reiki Level 1 Online a Great Idea?

Why Is Teaching Reiki Level 1 Online a Great Idea?

I love the idea of learning Reiki online from respected teachers. Teaching Reiki level 1 is something I would only trust to people who are honest. Who know what they are doing through years of experience.

Teaching Reiki Level 1 Works Just As Good Online

But there are a couple of important things to look out for before you decide, which online Reiki course is best for you…

Teaching Reiki Level 1

There Are Many Reasons You Might Want To Take An Online Course, Instead Of Attending A Direct Class

-you want a life time access to the course material
-you like learning at your own speed in the comfort of your home
– not enough time
– no way to get to a class, because there are no classes near by
– physical problems
– no transportation, etc

So what should you look out for? The first warning sign is price, and total of student enrollment. If a course offers too much, at a very low cost, and has tens of thousands of students, it is more than likely that the quality of that course’s attunements will be very low, if none existent.

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  • The second thing to look out for, when teaching Reiki level 1 is: does the course offer images and video that describe the exact Procedure? Does it provide you with reading material, and demonstration videos on how to give Reiki to yourself and others?

    A lot of these online Reiki classes offer tons of convoluted info, but no real clear and simple graphic information on how to give Reiki, and do attunements for others when you become a master.

    Teaching Reiki Level 1 Online

    Another thing you want to make sure of, for whoever is teaching Reiki level 1, it the lineage.  The lineage of the teachers that taught Daniela and Lina, the master/teachers that created the course below, goes all the way back to Usui, the founder of Reiki himself. I think it’s becoming obvious that not all online Reiki level 1 courses are created equal, and not all teachers are the same. Don’t short change yourself! If you are serious about becoming a Reiki master take this course now.

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    Teaching Reiki Level 1 Online

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