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A Distance Attunement That Works!

A distance attunement works. There’s no evidence that there are aspects of an attunement that can only be transmitted through the physical presence of a teacher. Some think this is the case.

They think that the teacher should physically touch the student. In this way they’re transmitting something more. The truth: in this case the teacher is transmitting their body heat. The Reiki energy the student receives, whether in person or through a distance attunement, is the same. The difference can be found only within the recipients ability to receive the reiki attunement.

Some people, when getting a personal attunement, feel nothing. The same goes with distance attunements. On the other hand, most people do feel the attunement happening. Daniela offers distance attunements in her online reiki courses. I can tell you, through experience, that they work!

I’m a very receptive person, because I have no expectations. This frame of mind usually yields the best results during attunements, because it defeats the possibility of blockages the mind might create. I just let it happen.

So just let it happen!

Spiritual Development Online Classes, For Spiritual Healing, and More

Spiritual Development Online Classes, For Spiritual Healing, and More

Spiritual Development Online Classes, For Spiritual Healing, and More We Help Spiritual Seekers to learn and grow with our ONLINE Classes, for Spiritual Development.
Take one of the best courses available on the planet 🙂 Learn to do spiritual healing and so much more!
Learning in a group can be great, but… – what if you don’t have the possibility to get to the class? – what if you don’t have time, because of your job, or family?
We know, your time is valuable! Online Learning Benefits Well Structured. Easy to Learn. Learn at your own pace. Bite sized lessons. Courses are optimized to play back on any device. Engage with the instructors. Ask anything. Get support. Are you in? Start your Spiritual development with our online classes:
Are you an Energy Healer?

Are you an Energy Healer?

Are you an Energy Healer?

Are you an Energy Healer? Are you looking for new tools that you can use for your healing sessions?

Are you interested in helping people to balance mind, body, and spirit? Then the unique techniques you will learn here in this course is something for you!

It doesn’t matter if you are a Reiki practitioner , Shaman, or a Medium, the main goal of any healing form is to bring balance to your energy, and the energy of others. My name is Daniela, and I have learned a lot of different forms of energy healing. Some of these methods and techniques are very special to me, and I would like to share one of them with you in this course.

The technique I want to share is based on a method from the Tibetan Medicine. I learned this method back in 2003 in the course “Ecology of Thought”. What are the BENEFITS? It can help you with many problems – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually – because this method will balance the left and right sides of your body, and brain hemispheres, which is very important to activate the self healing process.

How does it work? With your focus, intention, and imagination you create an orb of energy in the solar plexus of the client. Out of this orb you pull an energy stream through the clients energy channels of the body, until the client feels harmonized and balanced.

You can learn this method in a short time of one hour! So, keep learning and growing. What is included? – Animated videos to learn the technique – Live session videos – Guided Meditation for Self Healing – Cheat Sheets for the technique If you are a Healer, than you need to know this technique! Let’s get started now. Click Here

Is One Benefit, Of The Health Benefits Of Reiki, Love?

Is One Benefit, Of The Health Benefits Of Reiki, Love?

First of all, should you expect reiki to heal you? No! Hence, you should never have any expectations in life, especially in the spiritual realm. I find that the health benefits of reiki, or any spiritual benefits, are more likely to become reality when you have no expectations.

Simply let go of any thoughts, worries, fears and expectations, and let it happen. Being open to the health benefits of reiki, or any spiritual treatment, is therefore the best way to receive some.

health benefits reiki

Known Health Benefits Of Reiki:

-Apparently, through medical studies at the University of Calgary, certain types of pain related to certain types of cancer can be treated only through reiki.
-Helps you to relax, to sleep, to increase your energy, and lower your blood pressure. This illuminates stress, which, in turn, boosts your immune system.
-Helps you to focus, and stay living in the moment. This will aid in over all health benefits, as your body will heal faster.

None of the health benefits is guaranteed, but then again your family doctor can’t guarantee successful healing either. If you have a serious health problem, however, please see a regular doctor.

Here Is a Short List Of Some Of The Known Health Benefits Of Reiki, In Terms Of Conditions It Can Be Useful For:

-Skin conditions
-Back problems
-Low Self Esteem
-Poor Self Confidence

Not All Health Benefits Of Reiki Are Physical Or Obvious:

Hence, the one benefit of the health benefits of reiki is not directly related to illness, but relationships. I’m talking about healthy, loving relationships. If you have a bad relationship with your partner, this can lead to depression, and depression to stress and illness. I found that when both my partner and I had gotten attuned into then Usui reiki system, blockages where released, and our relationship improved dramatically!

  • Complete Reiki Level 1 online Course 

    Certified Reiki Level 1 online video Course with Distance Attunements


  • In conclusion I have heard this from many other people. One guy even first met his one true love after releasing blockages through a reiki level one attunement. In this way I think a lot of the real health benefits of reiki are hidden. Like I say, the most important thing is to let yourself be open to the reiki energy. Let it flow, let it happen, let go of your expectations. And if you really want to take advantage of the health benefits of reiki, simply start by taking this online course: The Complete Reiki Level 1 online Course

    health benefits of reiki

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    What Does It Mean If You See White Light In Meditation?

    What Does It Mean If You See White Light In Meditation?

    When looking at aura color interpretation, given to us by those who can see auras, and a few aura imaging devices, there are certain things we can say about the spiritual and physical meaning of light. So what does it mean when you see white light in meditation? To answer this question first you must understand the colors, and what they represent, specifically where the cutoff is between those spiritual colors that ground us, and those that take us to the spiritual realm. There is definitely a pattern…

    If You See White Light In Meditation It’s A Good Thing

    White Light Self Empowerment


    white light in meditation



    When Practicing With Energy Healing

    I often noticed that my intuition would lead me to working with colors. In color therapy it’s said that colors have a certain frequency, because color is light energy.

    In Chakra Teachings we learn that each of our 7 main Chakras have a different color, which are the same colors found in the rainbow.

    Let’s have a look at these colors, and how to use them.

    Crown Chakra – White/Violet

    White is a blend of all colors of the light spectrum. I personally love to work with white, crystalline light for healing, or in meditations to experience a high vibration of all my Chakras, and my Aura. (maybe you know my WhiteLight Self Empowerment System You can always use white for healing. Violet is the color of transformation. I use it if I need to transform blockages by imagining how a violet flame “burns” away the blockage, and transforms it into white light.

    Third Eye Chakra – Violet and Indigo

    This color can be used to help activate the 3rd eye. It is also great for protection. If I’m in a car, and the traffic seems to be very aggressive, I imagine a violet cloud around the car, with the intention that this will help to keep other cars at a distance.

    Throat Chakra – Blue

    When I feel, while doing a Reiki session, that someone has trouble with their throat, I use the color Blue to support this Chakra. It’s also helpful to wear a blue scarf when you have trouble with your throat, like a cold. I personally love Blue around me. Maybe this has to do with the fact that I have to speak a language that’s different from my mother tongue. (You might have noticed my German accent?)

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  • Heart Chakra – Green

    I love using Green to bring balance into Chakras. Green means healing for the heart. But it also helps to bring in new, fresh energy, or change, like during the spring time, when the little tree leaf buds show up to tell us that it’s time for a change. Sometimes the Heart Chakra is associated with Pink. You could use the color for healing the heart, or attracting a new Love into your life. Secret tip: have Peonies (pink flowers) in your house, and don’t be surprised if you find the love of your life.

    Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow

    Doesn’t Yellow remind you of the Sun? This color is wonderful to change negative emotions to positive ones. I use this color to let go of sadness, fear, or anger. It helps to increase Self confidence, and is used to help the digestive system.

    Sacral Chakra – Orange

    This color is helpful to activate creativity, or to bring more fun into your life. It can help to clear blockages in the Sacral Chakra, so that we can have better relationships with ourselves and others.

    Root Chakra – Red

    This color is helpful for finding your roots. If you ask yourself: What do I want in my life? Where are my roots, than this color can support you to activate the Root Chakra. Sometimes red underwear can be helpful to be more grounded 🙂

    So now lets get back to White Light:

    WHITE: This is the highest vibration, the purest light. If you see white light in meditation this can mean that a new, powerful and spiritual energy has entered your aura. White light has the highest spiritual, etheric, and non-physical qualities, and can take you to higher dimensions. It is pure truth, that can help you connect to your higher-self, your spiritual guides, and other information sources. Daniela can teach you how to do this through White Light SelF Empowerment.

    White Light Self Empowerment

    In Conclusion, if you see white sparkles or flashes of white light, angels are nearby… Thus, if you see white light in meditation, be happy that you are experiencing something close to God!

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  • If You See White Light In Meditation

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    Becoming An Usui Reiki Master Starts With a Great Reiki Level 1 Workshop, And a Certificate That Counts!

    Becoming An Usui Reiki Master Starts With a Great Reiki Level 1 Workshop, And a Certificate That Counts!

    Reiki has been around for a long time, and is growing more popular these days. For good reason: Reiki works! There are a lot of online courses, but not so many that follow the lineage back to the first Usui Reiki Master.

    Follow The Right Path To Become An Usui Reiki Master

    The Reiki Level 1 Workshop that Lina and Daniela offer, follow this lineage: Mikao Usui: Chujiro Hayashi: Hawayo Takata: Phyllis Lei Furumoto: Monika Postantny: Christine Theis: Dietlinde Wernsdorfer: Norbert Kuhl: Daniela Hills: Lina Hills…

    Usui Reiki Master

    Lina and Daniela are in direct lineage with Usui himself.

    I think this is important if you want to become an Usui Reiki Master. It is also important to have teachers, either online or offline, who truly care about their students, and teach Reiki in the traditional sense. This means you will begin with a Reiki Level 1 workshop, which shows you how to properly give Reiki to yourself and others, and have the traditional 4 attunements that Usui Reiki requires.

    A Certificate that counts!

    At the end you will get a certificate for Reiki level one.

  • Complete Reiki Level 1 online Course 

    Certified Reiki Level 1 online video Course with Distance Attunements


  • You will than be included in the original Usui lineage, and get the best possible Reiki education. This certificate will be sent per e-mail as a pdf-file after the attunements.

    Usui Reiki Master

    The other aspect of the Reiki Level 1 Workshop is that you can do it fully online. Or, if you live in the area, do it part online. Then you will get the attunements in person, through a personal appointment. This might be a convenient way for many people to learn.

    You won’t have to worry about traffic, or finding a place to park.

    You can learn from the comfort of your home. Learn on your own time, and have a life time access to the videos, images and course material. I don’t think that learning Reiki online, and receiving the distance attunements is any less effective and powerful, than doing a course in person; given the fact that these girls have a powerful lineage, and do more than just one attunement for you.

    Get Your Usui, Reiki Level 1 Workshop now!

    This article has been donated to us by our guest author Michael Hills

    Becoming An Usui Reiki Master

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    Why Is Teaching Reiki Level 1 Online a Great Idea?

    Why Is Teaching Reiki Level 1 Online a Great Idea?

    I love the idea of learning Reiki online from respected teachers. Teaching Reiki level 1 is something I would only trust to people who are honest. Who know what they are doing through years of experience.

    Teaching Reiki Level 1 Works Just As Good Online

    But there are a couple of important things to look out for before you decide, which online Reiki course is best for you…

    Teaching Reiki Level 1

    There Are Many Reasons You Might Want To Take An Online Course, Instead Of Attending A Direct Class

    -you want a life time access to the course material
    -you like learning at your own speed in the comfort of your home
    – not enough time
    – no way to get to a class, because there are no classes near by
    – physical problems
    – no transportation, etc

    So what should you look out for? The first warning sign is price, and total of student enrollment. If a course offers too much, at a very low cost, and has tens of thousands of students, it is more than likely that the quality of that course’s attunements will be very low, if none existent.

  • Complete Reiki Level 1 online Course 

    Certified Reiki Level 1 online video Course with Distance Attunements


  • The second thing to look out for, when teaching Reiki level 1 is: does the course offer images and video that describe the exact Procedure? Does it provide you with reading material, and demonstration videos on how to give Reiki to yourself and others?

    A lot of these online Reiki classes offer tons of convoluted info, but no real clear and simple graphic information on how to give Reiki, and do attunements for others when you become a master.

    Teaching Reiki Level 1 Online

    Another thing you want to make sure of, for whoever is teaching Reiki level 1, it the lineage.  The lineage of the teachers that taught Daniela and Lina, the master/teachers that created the course below, goes all the way back to Usui, the founder of Reiki himself. I think it’s becoming obvious that not all online Reiki level 1 courses are created equal, and not all teachers are the same. Don’t short change yourself! If you are serious about becoming a Reiki master take this course now.

    Get Your Usui Reiki Master, Reiki Level 1 Workshop now!

    Teaching Reiki Level 1 Online

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    What Is The Power Of Number 7 In Matrix 7?

    What Is The Power Of Number 7 In Matrix 7?

    7 is a crazy number, and should not exist! Why? It has a hard time fitting into mathematics. Yet the power of number 7 is astounding. The spiritual energy Matrix 7 uses it. The power Of Number 7 is mysterious.

    Power Of Number 7

    These numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 can be created through multiplication. They create each other too. The number 7, however, cannot be created through multiplication or division. It can not create any of the other numbers above. This fact makes 7 very mystical and confusing…

    Power Of Number 7

    Matrix 7

    Here Are A Few Of The Endless Examples of the mystical properties of 7:

    -Number seven is a mysterious number. Seven can not be divided into the circle, 360 Degrees. Yet the numbers 1-9 can.
    -Seven is the largest number of objects most people can remember. That’s why there are only 7 digits in our telephone numbers. Most formulas are chunked down into groups of 7.
    -There are seven colors in the spectrum.
    -On the cellular level every 7th year we totally regenerate
    -There are seven notes in the musical scale.

    -There are seven vowels in the Greek alphabet.
    -The seventh day after birth the umbilical cord falls off.
    -There are seven major chakras, or energy points, in the human body.
    -In Christianity there are seven days in Creation, and God rested on, and sanctified the seventh day. There are the Seven last words (or seven last sayings) of Jesus on the cross.
    -In Hinduism the Sanskrit word mans ‘sapta’ refers to number seven, and there are the celestial group of seven stars named as ‘Sapta Rishi’ based on the seven great saints. Also according to Hinduism, there are seven worlds in the universe, seven seas in the world and seven Rishies (seven gurus) called sapta rishis
    -In Islam there are seven levels of Earth in Islamic tradition.
    -In Japan there are the Seven Lucky Gods.
    -The Antahkarana symbol is created with three Sevens, which represent the 7 chakras, the 7 colors and the 7 sounds.

    the power of 7

    The biggest mystery for me is 7 can not be divided into PI, or a 360 degree circle

    Thus, if you see PI as being the wheel of Karma, or the Major Arcana in Tarot, you will realize that 7 belongs outside of the circle of life. And it symbolizes the power of the divine. Since 7 defies the logic of math, which describes our physical reality, it is therefore of a none logical quality. It belongs to that which we truly are, our spiritual self. 7 Represents the divine in all of us…

    In conclusion, Matrix⑦ Is One Of The Most Powerful Morphic Fields That Fuels One Of The Most Powerful Energies. Learn More: Matrix 7 is astonishing.! Get attuned into this powerful energy now! Join our Community

    power of number 7

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