Female Shaman Name Is One Of Many, and Deserves Great Respect!

Female Shaman Name Is One Of Many, and Deserves Great Respect!

A woman shaman has many names, that deserve respect. The Female Shaman name has been around a long time. Indeed, a woman shaman has great healing and visionary powers, we see this throughout history.

The Female Shaman Name Is Ancient

Today Some Give The Female Shaman The Name: Shamanka

But the female shaman has been around since the beginning of time in North America, Africa, and Europe. They have been called Seers, Wise Women, Medicine woman, pipe holders and dream seers. She held the office of high priestess, as in the ancient Aztec world. The female shaman presided over the healing rituals in the sweat houses. In Tibet, a woman cofounded Tibetan Buddhism.

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  • In Korea Nearly All The Shamans Were Women

    People would come to their rituals for healing and problem solving. In Siberia a female shaman would lead a ceremony to welcome spring, which is marked with a great circle dance.

    The word Shaman originated in northern Asia. It was a name for visionaries and healers. In northern Asia, a female shaman could be a village elder or a chief, and would carry a sacred drum.

    In South Africa Women Are The Ritual Specialist, Diviners, Healers, And Ancestor Dreamers

    But in South Africa everyone participates in raising power. In West Africa women practise as priestesses, and shamans. So they work as direct channels for spirit, calling in the sacred, keeping the tradition of African sacramental dance.

    Female Shaman Name

    In Africa the female shaman gives power to her people, to assist in stopping persecution, and help make hard times easier. Under threats of imperialism, the female shaman has kept the ancient ways alive, and aided in protecting their people from oppressive forces with powers of prediction: predicting numbers of soldiers, and in which direction they were approaching, etc.

    There Is Not A Single Word To Give A Female Shaman Her Name

    Hence, the shaman can do many different tasks within their culture, from Shamanic Journeys for others, soul retrievals, to fortune telling, and storytelling. The female shaman is a brave, honourable, and integral part of bringing protection and healing to their people, and perhaps the most important aspect: imparting their great wisdom through teachings! Yet Shamanism is not about gender. We do know that women are some of the best shaman though.

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    4 thoughts on “Female Shaman Name Is One Of Many, and Deserves Great Respect!

    1. Hi Daniela, I really appreciated this article, highlighting women shamans in particular and I applaud you for standing in your own power and declaring yourself to be a modern day female shaman. I feel this subject deserves more publicity and exposure. I once attended an introductory weekend in shamanism myself while it was fascinating and revealing, i did feel about of my depth at times! Powerful stuff. I feel that my own shamanic way is that of storyteller. I wish you every success in your business on your life path. Tara

    2. Thank you. Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways of teaching, and healing. Everything boils down to a story in the end. Like the words I’m writing now. There is no aspect of human communication that is not story based. Even so called fact in news is told through stories. Stories teach us how to live, and ultimately shows us new ways of living for the better. The female shaman is a great storyteller before anything else. Thanks Tara

    3. I like your post about female shamans. I am intuitive and find myself reading for others and tapping into their energy whenever the time is necessary. I don’t feel that I am a shaman, but do have the acuity to help others through my words and wisdom. I trust the process and never question my statements nor the feelings to help others through healing.

      Bookmarked! I will be back to read more after work today.

    4. Thanks you so much for your comment. Intuition is important, and never questioning your abilities to heal is very important too. The power of the female shaman is not found in logic, but in the intention to help others, and trusting that the universe will guide her. I think you’re more of a shaman than you think. Light and Love!

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