Why Is Shamanic Journey Music A Catalyst For Peace?

Why Is Shamanic Journey Music A Catalyst For Peace?

The drumming beat is the beat of the universe, the frequency of life. Shamanic journey music is mostly done through drumming. It’s a beat that increases in tempo, and puts the listener into a trance state of ecstasy. It is as powerful as the deepest meditation, and connects you to the Earth, and the worlds beyond, to Spirit, and your power animal and guides. The shamanic drum is powerful both in the healing frequency it produces, and it’s symbolic power.

Shamanic Journey Music Is All About The Beat

Shamanic Journey Music

Drumming is used for more than just shamanic journey music. It is used at wedding ceremonies, births, deaths, harvests and rites of passage too. It is used by peoples to connect to the Earth, and to one-another. As a universal, vibrational language, the drumbeat communes with the Earth and all her creatures.

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  • The Folk-tale of the Tortoise and the Magic Drum Juju is an old story that describes the magic drum, of which whenever the Tortoise king would beat upon it, a feast would appear for all in the land to enjoy. This brought peace and happiness and health to all, and solidarity. But when the drum goes missing, when juju is gone, instead of a feast, dozens of enemies attack the Tortoise instead.

    I like this story because it shows the importance of how the drum is not just a musical instrument, but the catalyst that held together many societies around the world for centuries. It was a common beat that matched heart and breath. It’s magical frequencies brought peace and healing through shamanic journey music.

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    If you decide to take Daniela’s shamanic journey course, you will get drumming music for free. For some people it is very beneficial to listen to the drums. It will put the listener into a state of meditation, which is difficult for some people to reach. This, in itself, will bring healing, and help to relieve stress.

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