Trance Mediumship Training Can Change Everything

Trance Mediumship Training Can Change Everything

Do you want to become a medium, and connect to the spirit world? Do you want to connect to your spirit guides? Trance mediumship training at will teach you trance healing, and it’s a certified life changing course. The mini course is a FREE taste:

Trance Mediumship Training

Trance healing is similar to Reiki in that healing energy is given to yourself, or to your client. The difference is that the healing energy comes directly from Spirit. You become a Medium between our world, and the spirit world, to open this channel. Trance healing is thus a form of Mediumship.

  • Trance Healing - Try It For FREE Connect To Your Spirit Guides! Click On The Image Below:

    I invite you to try this course for free. Trance Healing is a Certified course. Take a is Trance Healingsomething you would love to learn.


  • Trance Mediumship Training Online Benefits

    1. Develop your mediumship skills
    2. Perfect for students who don’t have the possibility to attend a mediumship development circle
    3. A very powerful method of spiritual healing
    4. Connect to the spirit world, like Spirit Guides, Helpers, Ascended Masters and Angels
    5. Learn to channel the Healing energy that comes from Spirit Guides, Helpers, angels, and Ascended Masters
    6. Support in times when we are out of balance, experiencing high stress or emotional problems
    7. Perfect for personal spiritual Self Healing, and to help your friends, or clients through a face to face session or distance session

    FACT: most students who have learned to become Trance Healers have brought healing and positive change into their lives, or the lives of others

    Trance Mediumship Training, The Full Course, Also Includes These Meditations:

    1. Inner Peace Meditation
    2. Connecting To Your Spirit Friends
    3. Linking With Your Spirit Friends
    4. A Message From Your Spirit Friends
    5. Trance Healing For YourSelf
    6. Attunement To Become A Trance Healer
    7. Trance Healing For A Friend

    The mini course includes the first two meditations for FREE.

    So please take action now: try this Course for FREE  and learn how to connect to your Spirit Guides. Be curious and take a chance and enrol now! You’ll have 20 days access to this Mini course. Trance Mediumship training can change everything, because it can lead to true spiritual healing.  See you on the other side.

    It’s FREE

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