What Is Money Consciousness? Take These 2 Steps To Get The Answer

What Is Money Consciousness? Take These 2 Steps To Get The Answer

First of all what is consciousness? The short answer is: no one knows, certainly not science. Science just looks at the mechanical details, like where memory is stored, what part of the brain is intuitive, things like that. Spiritual gurus talk in broader terms.  It’s the life force of awareness that binds all experience together. I can see that the gurus are closer to some kind of explanation. But when I ask the question: what is money consciousness? First I have to explain what my subjective view is on consciousness.

What Is Money Consciousness

What Is Money Consciousness: The Sum Total?

Financial gurus will tell you that money consciousness has something to do with positive thinking. They will tell you to reprogram your subconscious so you might create the right abundance programs within. Then they will say, hang-out with rich people, listen to their advice. Think big, take risks, don’t be afraid to fail. Focus on the goal, not the badge of honor, by promoting team members before yourself, so they will help you to succeed.  Use your intuition to find solutions to peoples problems, etc.

All of this is valid. But attaining money consciousness is more then just following a bullet list of things to do. It’s about changing the fundamental way you think and act.  Consciousness does not separate things into smaller sub categories like money either.

Consciousness is total experience! It is not one thing, but the awareness of all things at once!

This includes money awareness.  Thus, there are clues to your lack of, or abundance of, success, hidden in conscious experience. The trick is not to focus on one thing, but to try and sense everything at once.

What Is Money Consciousness: Take These 2 Steps To Get The Answer

  1. Relax, and empty your mind. Take your intention to the centre of your body. Bring that focus to the extremities of your body, to the top of your head, to the end of your toes and fingers. Feel your entire bring all at the same time. This is possible. Then bring that focus outward toward the world, as if you’re entire Being is expanding. Then focus on everything at once in your reality.
  2. Now after you have emptied your mind, think about your relationship to money.  Think about your business or job, your financials.  How does it feel? Do you get an uneasy, queasy feeling, or does it feel great? Are there other clues like a tingling on the top of your head? Pay attention.

If you feel queasy, and something it not right, then you need to change something in your consciousness, your awareness, to make you feel better about money.

At the same time, pay attention to everything within your consciousness.

There might be other clues to be aware of. Signals might come from another part of your sense awareness. It might be a scene on the street, or a reappearing animal that comes like an omen, pointing you toward a solution. When you reach this state of mindful consciousness, your intuition will open up to new ideas. You may instantly receive clues as to how to solve big problems.

All of your reality exists within the experience of consciousness, thus all the answers are right in front of you, or inside of you.

What is money consciousness? It’s the one aspect of the total experience that needs to be celebrated or fixed.

Take Action now: Change the way you think and act!

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