When You Meditate Creativity Can Increase: How?

When You Meditate Creativity Can Increase: How?

In a post I wrote not long ago: on Mindfulness Meditation, I mentioned that when you observe everything as a whole, a meditative peace will follow.  But on top of this if you, at the same time, actively focus on the parts of the whole when you meditate creativity can be greatly enhanced.

Meditate Creativity

When You Meditate Creativity Can Increase

The trick is to do open-monitoring meditation. This is a mindfulness meditation. You observe and note phenomena in the present moment, while still keeping attention flexible and unrestricted. My tip was to observe everything happening within your awareness at once, without judgment. This is very meditative, but not meant to stimulate creativity.

Just simply becoming one with your conscious awareness, and thus living in the moment, is not enough for creativity to come about. If you really want to increase your creativity through a meditative process,  you need to observe, notice, and attend to phenomena that pass your mind’s eye.

In other words: while experiencing the sum of all things, you have to also pay attention to the details.

Why When You Meditate Creativity Increases?

I think I know why the details matter during such a mindful meditation.  For me, being creative is an act. It’s a logical process. It’s product needs to be quantified, and turned into a result. Whereas inspiration is not a product of creativity, but the seed of it.

Inspiration comes before the process of creatively producing a result. Creativity requires logic, inspiration does not. Inspiration is enlightenment, creativity is the process of interpreting it.

Using open-monitoring meditation, creativity will increase because while living in the moment, flexible and unrestricted, your logical mind, by noting phenomena, is starting the creative process which leads to results.

Find Your Inner Peace First, Than Meditate Creativity Will Follow

Take action and find your inner peace:

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