Why Are Good Luck Symbols Powerful?

Why Are Good Luck Symbols Powerful?

Writing something down, putting an image to it, keeping it focused in your mind will give it the power on intention. This is how you create good luck symbols.

Good Luck Symbols

Positive or negative intention has been given to charms, amulets, statues, drawings, symbols and more, for centuries, to create an effect for bringing financial success, warding off evil, or revenge.  The trick to making a symbol have good luck is in the intention.

Some Good Luck Symbols:

1. Acorns
2. Alligator Teeth
3. Bamboo
4. Triangle
5. Cricket
6. Horseshoe
7. Dream Catcher
8. Evil Eye
9. Scarab
10. Imperial Guardian Lion
11. Ladybugs
12. Coins
13. Dragon
14. Pig
15. Rabbit’s Foot
16. Laughing Buddha
17. Wishing Well

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  • 18. Three-Legged Toad
    19. Cat’s Eye
    20. Key
    21. Elephant
    22. Four-Leaf Clover

    Intention, The Meaning:

    1. 1.
      a thing intended; an aim or plan.
      “she was full of good intentions”
    2. 2.
      the healing process of a wound.

    Good Luck charms are used to focus your intention toward positive outcomes. A charm is unless without the intention. Charms that are good could also be used for bad luck too, depending on the intention given to it. This is how magic works.

    In this case, I find the medical meaning of intention to be interesting: it’s the healing process of a wound. I think this can be applied to the healing, so to speak, of your Karma too, on a spiritual and practical level..

    Good Luck Symbols

    How To Create Good Luck

    In terms of Karma, good luck is created by cause and effect. Good thoughts and good deeds create good karma and future happiness. But many people think Karma is part of a deterministic universe, meaning: it’s your fate, and can’t be changed. If you do bad things, you will be followed and punished by bad Karma.

    But Karma means that you always have a choice to use your thoughts and actions to create happiness, or suffering. You can be a victim, and devote yourself to your karma, or you can wake up, and transform your karma, and plant new seeds for a happier life. The exciting thing is that you can do this at anytime. You can start right now! Click here and take this online course: How To Create Karma You Love!
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