How To Build Your Karma You Love

How To Build Your Karma You Love

If Karma was a bridge would you have to build it? Yes! We are building the edifice of our Karma constantly, repetitively. If you want to build your karma to be a structure of beauty, then it has to be built with positive thinking. Unfortunately people are building it not consciously. Karma is built by thoughts, which become actions. Often our thoughts are more negative than positive, leading to a Karma construction that has a terrible foundation.

Build Your Karma

Karma And Bad Luck

If the foundation of your Karma is built upon past lives,  dominated by negative thinking and actions, there is no wonder that bad luck will follow you for a long time. The cause of your bad luck is found in your bad thoughts and deeds. The crazy thing is that we are hardly even aware that we habitually think negatively. We wake up in the morning complaining, for one reason or another, to ourselves. And when we go to bed it’s the same. And then we wake up complaining again, right?

This repetitive negativity results in attracting negative situations in our lives, which, in turn, confirms our belief in bad luck.

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  • Build Your Karma The Right Way

    The great news is that you can break this destructive cycle of building bad Karma. Karma means that we always have a choice to use our thoughts and actions to create happiness. We can start changing our thought pattern right now! The trick is to become aware of the negative patterns.

    One way to start is to make sure you fall asleep with positive thoughts. Because if you fall asleep complaining in your mind, so too will you wake up.

    The opposite is also true.

    So before you fall asleep, repeat to yourself: I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, and I thank you. Direct this mantra to yourself. This is a quick way to cleanse your karma for the day.

    Build Your Karma

    How To Build Your Karma You Love

    In the long run if you want to build the Karma you love, you will have to start journaling.

    Although the simple mantra above is very effective, you still have layers of negative thoughts that need to be stripped away over time. This will be a good workout for your discipline and brain, but if you do it right, you will see huge changes happening in your life, and your bad luck will vanish. Take this FREE online course now: How To Build The Karma You Love.
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