You Can Use More Than Just Sage For Cleansing Negative Energy

You Can Use More Than Just Sage For Cleansing Negative Energy

For me, fire is the cleansing element, and the smoke carries the impurities away. Fire is transmuting, purifying, refining, the blockage is carried away with the smoke. Sage for cleansing negative energy works great of course.

sage cleansing negative energy

Without looking it up, this is my personal take on the procedure of sage purification. For me the flames do most of the purify. Other practising cultures might see it differently.

Native cultures of America have used sage for centuries to clear negative energy in sacred spaces. They create burning smudge sticks around ceremonial altars, and carry it around to smoke others in ritual circles. They also believed that if you scatter the leaves around alters and sweat lodges it will keep away evil spirits.

  • How To Do A Spiritual Cleansing

    Learn how to create a Sacred Space in your home or workplace


  • But the leaves can be used to add flavor to food too. It can be eaten. It can be turned into things like shampoos, and dyes. And if the eye needs cleaning the seeds can be rolled under the eyelids. In a spiritual cleansing, sage is used to cleanse the person, or room, by ushering out the negative energy.

    Sage For Cleansing Negative Energy Is Great, But There’s More

    Daniela, in her online course: How To Do A Spiritual Cleansing, uses more than just sage, interestingly incorporating spiritual cleansing traditions from other European cultures too.

    She uses a more holistic New Age approach, making her cleansing powerful, by adding perhaps less traditional sage cleansing techniques.

    For tools, she suggests in her course that you can use the following:

    Drums, rattles, singing bowls, sage, herbs, incense, feathers, water and essential oils, salt, music and mantras, and symbols.

    She offers a wide pallet of tools, other than sage for cleansing negative energy.

    You Need Intention

    The most important thing to be successful with a spiritual cleansing, is not just the flame or the smoke, or the tool, but your intention. The will to cleanse yourself, or space, must be the most important element. Nothing will happen if you don’t what it to happen.

    Yes you can use more than just sage for cleansing negative energy: click her and take this course on how to do a spiritual cleansing now!
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