Why Is This Binaural Beats Youtube Video Great For Meditating?

Why Is This Binaural Beats Youtube Video Great For Meditating?

The following Binaural Beats Youtube meditation includes relaxing drum beats too! Binaural Beats will bring you into a meditative condition, which will allow you to connect with everything that “IS!”

Binaural Beats Youtube

The Long Version Of The Binaural Beats Youtube Video Below Will Harmonize The Hemispheres Of Your Brain

The Binaural Beats in this meditation run at 4 Hertz. This frequency creates a trance like condition that is perfect for healing and manifesting. You should listen to this music regularly once a day. It’s also important to listen right to the end. The more you listen to it, the greater the effect.

For best results be comfortable, close your eyes, and listen with head phones.

IMPORTANT: Do not use binaural beats if you suffer from seizures, have heart problems, heart pace makers, or for children. Do not listen to binaural beats when driving, and do not drive after listening to them, or any other kind of activities like ride your bike. We will not be responsible for any injury what so ever, which may result from listening to our meditation-music.

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  • Short Binaural Beats Youtube Video:

    Indeed, Binaural Beats have the effect of creating a meditative state that only the masters can achieve

    Yet, you can do this simply be listening to them.

    The masters practice for years to be able to harmonize the hemispheres of the brain, in order to find inner peace, and create stuff through visualization.

    This youtube video uses these binaural beats. I’m not saying that you will reach the same masterful level, as those monks who retreat into the caves and meditate half their lives. But you definitely can get a taste for. The one thing that might happen, for some people, is a feeling of nausea can occur when listening to the Binaural Beats. Just be aware of this.

    For me, I have seen some crazy geometric patterns and ghost like figures during listening to the long version of this Binaural Beats Youtube Video. Amazing!

    This Binaural Beats youtube video is too short to have much on an effect. You will have to do what I did, and get the full version here:

    Meditation Music with Binaural Beats by GateLight.com on Itunes

    Another option is to get a FREE one. If you like this Binaural Beats Youtube Video, please go now to Daniela’s amazing FREE Guided meditation course to expand your meditative state for inner peace, which includes a great full length Binaural Beats meditation.
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