3 Powerful Ways To Get Good Luck

3 Powerful Ways To Get Good Luck

Experiencing bad luck, or good luck is based on your point of view. To change your point of view will change your opinion about luck. It’s purely a perception. Example: I had a money making blog that got into a legal mess, which seemed out of my control, and it had to be shut down! I lost a lot of money. Wow! Was that bad luck or good luck? Believe it or not, there are ways to get good luck out of this.


On the surface it looks like obvious bad luck to say the least, right?

Ways to Get Good Luck

Yet, in the end, it turned out to be a lot of good fortune.


It propelled me to start a new business with my wife. This brought us closer together as a family; and now we are having success, and potentially making way more money. Now I see that my bad luck was the best thing that could have happen to my family. See how this works?

1. Ways To Get Good Luck: Do Something New

So one way you can get good luck is simply by changing your point of view. When bad luck hits you, right after that, don’t look for more bad luck, focus on the silver lining.

Focus on what you can learn from it, and most important of all: do something new! In may case, bad luck was an opportunity, which propelled me into a new, positive energy. I tapped into this energy, taking all the skills I learned from my pervious business, and invested them into the combined effort with my wife. Be conscious that everything which happens to you is part of a process, and will lead you to ultimate success. Think this way, and you will always see luck as good.

2. Fun Ways To Get Good Luck: Create A Lucky Charm

Take an object, one that you like, small enough to be carried in your pockets: like a glass marble, a small picture, a neckless; and create a good luck charm. It’s easier than you think.

To do this you must soak, so to speak, the talisman in positive intention. Hold it in your cupped hands. Then give the charm Reiki, or say a prayer, or focus positive thoughts on it. You can say this mantra too: “I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, and I thank you.” You can also give it a spiritual cleansing, be creative. Then carry it around with you, and know that it’s purpose is to emanate positive energy.

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  • After that it will help you to focus on positive things, instead of the opposite.

    The purpose of actively creating a good luck charm, will help you to mentally, and continuously focus on the positive. The alternative would be instead to carry around a common good luck charm, like a rabbits foot, with no conscious effort on your part. The latter is unlikely to have any effect.

    Ways Get Good Luck

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