Are You Happy Now? Is There A Secret To Happiness?

Are You Happy Now? Is There A Secret To Happiness?

Are You Happy Now?

Now is important. But if you are happy now, how long will it last? The secret to happiness is found in the moment. I had a conversation with a friend not long ago. We talked about someone he knew: a couple who were suddenly divorcing. I asked why. He said because they weren’t happy anymore. That’s too bad I said. My friend asked me why. I told him because the problem is that people expect to be happy. And if that condition doesn’t exist long enough, they think it’s time to end it. Are you happy now, or will you be in the future?

Are You Happy Now

The problem is the couples expectation that the other must make them happy. But happiness is a conditional experience that can’t be maintained for long, because the conditions always run out. After that, the hunt for the conditions that made them feel happy begins again. They find it, but again, it doesn’t last. The hunt begins once more. This process leads to exhaustion, because eventually they get tired of the hunt.

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  • Are you Happy Now? Or In The Future?

    Most people think happiness will come through hunting for it. Happiness is something in their future. They imagine that if a certain set of conditional parameters are achieved, their eternal happiness is guaranteed. Often, the conditions are based on wealth, or love, the perfect partner, their dream car, or dream vacation, a big house, etc.

    Science has proven that those who win the lottery are not happier. Yes, for a short time they’re filled with euphoria, but this feeling of happiness fades. What happens is they return to the same emotional place they were before they won. If the lottery winner was miserable before, they become miserable again, with the added burden of having to manage money. Most lottery winners are broke again no more than a few years later. But if they had inner peace before they won, their joy will remain.

    Happiness is not something you can earn eternally in your future. True happiness can only be found within, when giving up all desires that are the conditions you seek. Living in the moment, enjoying the very act of life is enough to find your inner peace and joy. In this way your partner can share in your joy, and this will make your relationships so much better.

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