Is One Benefit, Of The Health Benefits Of Reiki, Love?

Is One Benefit, Of The Health Benefits Of Reiki, Love?

First of all, should you expect reiki to heal you? No! Hence, you should never have any expectations in life, especially in the spiritual realm. I find that the health benefits of reiki, or any spiritual benefits, are more likely to become reality when you have no expectations.

Simply let go of any thoughts, worries, fears and expectations, and let it happen. Being open to the health benefits of reiki, or any spiritual treatment, is therefore the best way to receive some.

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Known Health Benefits Of Reiki:

-Apparently, through medical studies at the University of Calgary, certain types of pain related to certain types of cancer can be treated only through reiki.
-Helps you to relax, to sleep, to increase your energy, and lower your blood pressure. This illuminates stress, which, in turn, boosts your immune system.
-Helps you to focus, and stay living in the moment. This will aid in over all health benefits, as your body will heal faster.

None of the health benefits is guaranteed, but then again your family doctor can’t guarantee successful healing either. If you have a serious health problem, however, please see a regular doctor.

Here Is a Short List Of Some Of The Known Health Benefits Of Reiki, In Terms Of Conditions It Can Be Useful For:

-Skin conditions
-Back problems
-Low Self Esteem
-Poor Self Confidence

Not All Health Benefits Of Reiki Are Physical Or Obvious:

Hence, the one benefit of the health benefits of reiki is not directly related to illness, but relationships. I’m talking about healthy, loving relationships. If you have a bad relationship with your partner, this can lead to depression, and depression to stress and illness. I found that when both my partner and I had gotten attuned into then Usui reiki system, blockages where released, and our relationship improved dramatically!

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  • In conclusion I have heard this from many other people. One guy even first met his one true love after releasing blockages through a reiki level one attunement. In this way I think a lot of the real health benefits of reiki are hidden. Like I say, the most important thing is to let yourself be open to the reiki energy. Let it flow, let it happen, let go of your expectations. And if you really want to take advantage of the health benefits of reiki, simply start by taking this online course: The Complete Reiki Level 1 online Course

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