Change My Karma Please! I’m Not Lazy, But I Just Haven’t Suffered Enough?

Change My Karma Please! I’m Not Lazy, But I Just Haven’t Suffered Enough?

When I was young things didn’t always go my way. Later when I discovered New Age spirituality I began to understand why. I would say to gurus: change my karma please! I thought that just by going to seminars, getting a reiki session, or a past life regression would solve all my problems. But I was wrong.

Change My Karma

To Change My Karma, I Would Have To Do It Myself

Don’t get me wrong I did get some value out of the seminars. The problem is I would hardly ever use any of the important information I would learn, in a practical, every day way. Reiki treatments did release blockages, and brought some positive changes to my life. A past life regression took care of a debilitating pain I had in my foot, of all things.

My point is that the underlining patterns of thought and behaviour I was putting out to the universe weren’t changing. These patterns were causing all the problems. By now I hand consumed enough valuable information from great seminars to understand this. I was the one holding myself back. It’s not that the gurus hand’t shown me ways to help me change my karma, but I just hadn’t suffered enough I suppose, to want to take action.

The point I’m getting at is: TAKE ACTION!

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  • To Change My Karma I Had To Learn This

    After a serious event that finally pushed me over the edge of complacency, I took action. Often it take things like near death experiences to help people to become more spiritual, and make huge changes in their lives. I hope that you will do this before great suffering.

    It’s not enough just to sit back and listen, or get treatments. If you’re not going to be a participant in your own live, by making the conscious decision to change your karma for the better, nothing big will happen. It was up to me, and it’s up to you too. But how?

    Change My Karma

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