Female Guru Is Also Called A Gurvi Who Removes Darkness

Female Guru Is Also Called A Gurvi Who Removes Darkness

Guru means one who removes darkness. Now you can call a female Guru a Gurvi if you want, but as a modern, New Age spiritualist the name does not matter to me. Traditional Indian Gurus like Sadhguru, speak in general terms of how a woman’s femininity will not allow her to be an effective Master.

A Female Guru Can Be A Master

I don’t see it this way. If you take the basic concept of one who removes darkness–usually through teaching, or mediumship–a women can be even more effective than male Masters. I think the traditional way of looking at a female guru is a bit sexist in some peoples eyes.

I think the biggest problem with the world is the absence of female energy in many aspects of daily life. It is absent in government, and religion. The female energy is something that could create more balance and equilibrium in a mostly male dominated world.

It’s a female guru that has taught me the most about myself, and has opened the door to Spirit.

For me, women are more intuitive, compassionate, and understanding than men in general.  Many of them are naturally connected to Spirit, and are natural teachers, and great leaders.

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  • I’m sad that Hillary didn’t get a chance to prove herself as a great President. She was a Master in political terms. Bringing female energy into the top position would make it a lot more sensible and compassionate to the true needs of the nation, and the world, in my opinion.  Women care more about others, children, and the general well being.

    When’s the last time a female shot up a helpless night club, right?

    Female Guru

    I think the world desperately needs more female gurus, masters and leaders. The time has come to add the female aspect to the balance of power and knowledge.  The world has been so out of balance for so long, we need to change this. We have to stop these traditional sexist ways of thinking, which take us back to the stone-age. Daniela is my female guru, and she has some darkness to remove for you too: click now!
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