Soul Retrieval – Online Course

Soul Retrieval – Online Course

Soul Retrieval
How to do a Shamanic Journey to help your friends or clients
Advanced online video Course

Students in my beginner course: “How to do a Shamanic Journey to find and bring back your Power Animal” asked me if I could teach them how to do a Shamanic Journey for friends and clients, and especially how to do a Soul Retrieval. 

It’s important that before you enroll in this advanced course, you hopefully enrolled already in my beginner course “How to do a Shamanic Journey To Find And Bring Back Your Power Animal”, because you should already be familiar with journeying, and you need to have found your own Power Animal, before you do a journey for someone else. 

The reason for this is because your Power Animal will normally go with you on your journey to guide you, regardless of whether you are doing a journey for yourself or for someone else.

So, are you ready to learn more about Shamanic Journeying?
Do you want to learn Soul Retrieval?
If so, enjoy the coupons 🙂

Many Blessings

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