What Is Past Life Karma?

What Is Past Life Karma?

On a Karmic level, we are always being taught. What is past life karma? A teacher. It teaches us by being repetitive. It not just to cause you pain; but to teach you to take different actions for different results. It can be positive too.

what is past life karma

What Is Past Life Karma?

Past life karma is comprised, in part, of the things we didn’t accomplish in the past lives we have lived. It’s the whole of your deeds, thoughts and intent. It’s the baggage the soul takes with it on the journey of rebirth, and never gets lost. We are all caught on the wheel of life. We just keep getting reborn to go through a lot of the same stuff, until karma teaches us to move on.

Why Karma Haunts Us

Karma haunts us, so to speak, because it wants us to learn something. It either wants you to stop doing the same bad stuff, or to keep doing the good deeds. Both will follow you, and catch up to you. If you did something nice, you’ll get something nice. If you repeat bad patterns so to shall you receive.

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  • Even the people that you know in this life are those you knew in your past lives. But rolls can be reversed. You wife might have been your husband once; your child could have been your parents. These people keep returning to your future lives, until what ever you need to learn from them has been accomplished. If you always end up in the same bad relationship, or situation, karma is trying to tell you to change it for the better.

    Create The Karma You Love

    The great thing about karma, as the baggage of the soul, is that you always have the chance to empty your bags, and fill them with something new. If you fill them with the stuff you love, your future experiences will be the stuff you love. It will take some discipline, but you can start changing your past life karma right now. Click on this course: How To Create The Karma You Love.
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