What Is Instant Karma?

What Is Instant Karma?

Karma is a powerful spiritual law. Can it be created in an instant? The song “Instant Karma!” written by John Lennon, took only ten days to write and produce, which isn’t instant, but really fast for a  pop song.

Instant Karma

In reality, karma is always created in an instant, but theoretically play-out in the future.

What Is Instant Karma

Can Karma play-out the instant you create it, in this life? It’s possible.

Karma is an echo in time, a cosmic depository for your thoughts, and deeds. In this way the very basic concept of Karma is that your actions create your future. But does that future have to be in your next life?

Some schools of Karma believe that Karma only play’s-out in this life. In this way your Karma could be carried out the instant you create it, because an instant later is still the future, right?

If karma is an echo, it will come back to you, only there are different ways this can happen. I think it’s possible to create instant Karma. I can’t recall it ever happing to me, but it makes sense.

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  • Karma is your teacher. It wants you to start making the right choices in every aspect of your life. If you always end up in the same relationships, over and over again, Karma is trying to tell you something: it’s time to move on.

    Instant Karma

    But if you aren’t listening, so to speak, and keep digging yourself deeper into a hole of pain, I think Karma might start playing-out instantly in order to teach you some hard lessons. Move on, change your life by thinking and doing good, and understanding what is best for you, and Karma will instantly reward you.

    The most important part of karma is the good that plays-out in your life. In this way Karma wants to teach you to keep doing good. Thus, Instant Karma is a quick lesson on how to behave.

    How To Create Instant Karma Right Now

    If instant karma exists, the way to create instant Karma is to think and do good deeds right now. If instant Karma exists, then obviously you don’t want bad stuff to happen to you instantly, right?

    In this way, I think instant karma would work way better than karma played-out in the far future as a spiritual law and teacher. It would be like getting slapped in the face every time you did something bad by god.

    This would really keep people inline, right? Whether instant Karma is real or not, start creating it right now by changing the way you think. Thoughts are a powerful way to create instant karma. Click here and take this FREE course: How To Create Karma You Love
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