What Is The Biggest Misconception Of Meditation?

What Is The Biggest Misconception Of Meditation?

Are you somewhere? I mean do you feel like you exist in some kind of physical reality? Probably, right? The biggest misconception of meditation is that people with little experience think it’s all about being empty, in some kind of a self induced coma.

I had a discussion with someone who thought this way, and thought it to be a horror scenario. Of course it was hard to argue with him, because the person in question was using pure logic, without any experience in meditating. For those who have done a lot of meditating you will know different.

Misconception Of Meditation

Misconception Of Meditation: Entering The Great And Empty Void?

No, help!

I’m falling into the bottomless pit of nothing!

Sound familiar?

Does this happen every time you begin to meditate?


For those with experience, we know that meditation is not about achieving a state of complete and desperate emptiness, but a journey of self exploration.

To know who I really am, first I must look on the inside, not the outside. This is what meditation is all about. It’s not just about health and relaxation, and ridding yourself of stress. It’s a journey of self discovery.

Misconception Of Meditation: The Truth!

Meditation is not about emptying your mind. The truth is that it’s about observing the thoughts you are constantly thinking.

It’s not about going into a zombie like trance state either, but into a mindful state of watching everything that happens within your consciousness, so you may be able to better understand who you are, and why your life turns out the way it does.

Misconception Of Meditation: The Mind Can Never Be Empty

The mind is always on. Through meditation you will be able to slow down your thoughts enough to put space between them, and then realize the sometimes, total poop you are thinking.

It’s no secret these days that you are what you think. We all have extremely negative thinking patterns, and programs that influence our day to day lives in a way that is not beneficial to us.

Meditation helps us to take control of these thoughts, and allows us to reprogram them with positive ones. Another way of doing this: take this course now:

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