How To Get Rid Of Bad Luck

How To Get Rid Of Bad Luck

Are we lucky, or is it fate? Do we live in a random universe, or is it deterministic? Can we start determining our own fate? How to get rid of bad luck? For me, I think we live in both realms at once. Our fate is determined by random events we attract through the karma we have collected, through our thoughts and actions, along the way. If you do not actively work to change your fate, then, in this way, luck does in-fact exist, because you are allowing your karma to play out, based on how you have thought in the past.

How To Get Rid Of Bad Luck

How To Get Rid Of Bad Luck

We Live In Two Realms, Comprised of Our Past Life Experience

On the surface we are individuals passing through the universe, and at the same time we are consciousness, and the universe is passing through us. I believe that our past life experiences stay locked in the second realm, which is our purest state of being: pure consciousness; and manifests itself in the first realm.

The First Realm: We Are The Center of The Universe

We appear to be individuals experiencing a fated existence, passing through the universe.  Some people appear to be lucky, and others have bad luck, or a bit of both. We feel helpless, insignificant; as others feel they are the center of the universe: it revolves around them. Either we feel trapped by bad luck, or our good luck has set us free!

In this realm, everyone has a different point of view, and looks at the universe as they see fit. One perception is that we think we are insignificant. We are like fleas arguing who owns the dog, if the dog is the Earth. Others think that we actually have the power to destroy the dog itself, when in truth we are only destroying ourselves. But the one thing we will all agree on is we want to know how to get rid of bad luck.

How To Get Rid Of Bad Luck

The Second Realm: We Are The Universe

We are consciousness. As pure consciousness, we are the collective of all experience, always awake, always watching. This universal consciousness is becoming more and more aware of itself in whatever form, human or none human, it finds itself.  Consciousness is actually creating the universe. In the right frame of mind, you can watch yourself passing through the universe. So in the second realm, not only are we the center of the universe, we are creating it. I believe that pure consciousness can take any form, and it’s always collecting as much experience as it can, to invent a new universe, as it becomes more aware of itself.

A lot to digest I know, but this takes us to my last point: how to get rid of bad luck.

How To Get Rid Of Bad Luck

Our Past Lives: How To Get Rid Of Bad Luck

In simple terms, if you want to get rid of bad luck, just think it away. But how?

Obviously if we only perceive reality through the lens of the first realm, it looks like luck, or fate will always eat us for dinner, so to speak. We appear to be helpless. But in the second realm, our lens is being part of a collective consciousness. Thus, the universe that we have created is both perfect and imperfect. Consciousness is becoming aware of itself, and it’s constantly learning. Our karma is the collection of all these experiences. And our bad luck is based on what we have done and thought to determine our karma.

Many people think karma has only to do with guilt and fault. If something bad happens to them they say: their Karma is catching up to them in a negative way.

But Karma refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect.

Simply speaking, good thoughts and good deeds create good karma, and future happiness, or luck; while bad thoughts and bad deeds create bad karma and future suffering: bad luck. This is where our so called bad luck comes from.

I believe that consciousness, as the creator, doesn’t care about good luck or bad luck, it’s simply collecting our thoughts, to help us create the universe as we choose. The great news is that you can choose right now. You can create the karma you love, and get rid of your bad luck by changing the way you think. This is the key, but you will have to learn how. Take this FREE Karma course right now, and get rid of your bad luck!

So to answer the questions at the beginning: Are we lucky, or is it fate? Your fate is up to you to determine. Do we live in a random universe, or is it deterministic? It’s both. Can we start determining our own fate? Yes! Right now! How do we get rid of bad luck? Start thinking differently.
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