What Is The Soul? And What Happens To It After Death?

What Is The Soul? And What Happens To It After Death?

This question is a big one to answer. What is the Soul? Is it eternal? After death, what happens to it? What does science have to say about it?

What Is The Soul, Spiritually?

Most religions around the world agree that we individual humans possess a soul. The soul is the container of who we are. It’s our essence, which carries our good behaviour or sins, or karma. It somehow differentiates us from all the other souls. And if judgement is due, it will be our souls that get the retribution, not our physical bodies. For me this sounds like Karma: our sins follow us.

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  • Some Eastern religions have argued for a very long time that birth and death are illusory. The soul is consciousness itself. It is the container that holds all experience, whether that be sensory, or your deepest subconscious experience. The one thing that is always awake, always watching, unconfined is consciousness. Because consciousness transcends the body. This can be explained scientifically too.

    What Is The Soul, Scientifically?

    Science can compare the soul to a bright light bulb. It’s the alive feeling, the sensation of being alive, which is held within the all encompassing experience of consciousness: being alive is not a sense of one thing, but of all things at once. That alive ‘you’ is, so far as science can tell, a sprightly neuro-electrical fountain, operating with about 100 watts of energy. This is equal to a bright light bulb. Humans emit the same amount of heat as a bright light bulb too. That’s why the car quickly gets warm, when the car is full of people.

    What Is The Soul

    The point is that this neuro-electrical fountain of energy that runs our life experience is probably consciousness itself. The ancient philosophers said that consciousness is eternal. It was never born, and so too can it not die. For science, it looks as if that neuro-electrical fountain of energy is the motor of consciousness, because of the simple scientific fact that energy can not be destroyed. Some people would argue that when we die the light bulb goes out. But this is scientifically impossible. That bright 100 watts of energy can not die! It’s impossible. Yes the temporary container vanishes, the body, but the neuro-electrical fountain of energy goes on. Make sense?

    What Is The Soul If Not a Light Bulb?

    Thus, the soul is a something eternal. Some philosophers go as far as to call it God. Because there is but one consciousness, or soul, that we share collectively. Science, through the theory of Biocentrism, says that life, reality, the universe is created through the biological observer. It’s not the universe that creates life, it’s life through consciousness creating everything at once. Time and space are an illusion. But that’s for another post.

    What Happens To The Soul After The Death Of The Body?

    No one know what happens after death. But is would seem to me now that death is an illusion. The bigger question is: will I remember my loved ones, and my specific identity, as I continue on? Perhaps not, but a past life regression might be able to help me to remember. It might be important to create the karma you love too:
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