Can You Get Rid Of Past Life Karma?

Can You Get Rid Of Past Life Karma?

On the surface, karma kind of sucks. We would all like to get rid of past life karma. But is that even possible?

 Get Rid Of Past Life Karma

What Is Past Life Karma?

Past life karma is an echo of your thoughts, deeds, and things you say in past lives. This karma becomes a recurring situation, so to speak, in your future lives. It can be good or bad actions and thoughts, that are turned into life lessons. The past life karma we want to get rid of is obviously the bad kind. Bad karma traps us in a spiral of negative consequences. The good karma will lead to more good consequences down the line. This is where you want to to be. We want to produce ever better karma, creating amazing, enlightened future lives of fun and freedom.

To get there, however, first you must learn a lot. And karma is there to teach you. On the other hand, let yourself be taught right now, and take a free course on how to create the karma you love. You don’t have to wait until your bad karma catches up to you. You can start doing it right away!

  • Karma Course: How To Create Karma You Love

    Improving Your Karma
    Full Video Course - Learn about Karma, and how to change it! 


  • How To Get Rid Of Past Life Karma

     Get Rid Of Past Life Karma

    In Daniela’s FREE karma course, she talks about how we are programmed. She talks about how others program us to influence our karma. Focusing on thinking the right way is the first step. In her course she will show you a practical method of recognizing negative patterns, which influence and create your karma, and then to transform them into positive patterns.

    Make no mistake, this will require some work on your part and a bit of discipline, but the rewards are worth it.  For mot people their behaviour is so integrated into the way they live they are oblivious to the sheer amount of negativity in their lives. This will take some time to unravel, as it is complex. You must play an active role in deciding your future karma by changing your karma now.  Ignoring this dedicated work means you will be trapped in your past life karma, and continue to suffer. The good news is you can change it, and start to live the life you have always hopped for. Click now and take this FREE online course: How To Create The Karma You Love.

    To get rid of past life karma, you can do a past life regression, or you can can be aware of your past life karma right now. When it does catch up to you to teach you a lesson, and show you a new path, no longer will you stumble down the same old road, because you can transform it in real time.  This free karma course will show you how to add new intent to a bad situation, to help you depart from the bad, and embark on the good!
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