Why Is Bad Karma A Trap?

Why Is Bad Karma A Trap?

The Lotus is a perfect symbol for Karma. It has the seed inside of it, and yet it blooms. The seed is like the seeds we sow in life, and symbolizes the cause. The flower that blooms so easily is like the karma we receive, the effect. Yet the Lotus is a pure beauty when fully bloomed. This tells us that if we grow the same way, and share our good karma, we can stay pure when circumstances get dirty and bad. Bad Karma can only be seen in the Lotus when it’s growth is stunted, or it has wilted from lack of care.

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Whether karma is a theory, a model, a paradigm, a metaphor, or a metaphysical stance, Karma is either bad or good.

The Causality Of Bad Karma

Thoughts and actions have a consequence. Bad Karma will always follow those who don’t actively seek to learn from their Karma. This means those who only receive and reap the consequence of their past karma, become the agents of Karma. The agent often carries out Karma’s judgement, and delivers the consequence of karma to others. So Bad Karma is more than bad thinking and actions come back to haunt you, it’s a trap!

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  • The Causality Of Good Karma

    Doing good deeds, and thinking positively will also have a consequence. The difference is, through new intent you give your past Karma new direction, then you are creating even better future karma. The causality of good karma allows you to have an even better life; until you reach enlightenment. Then you might leave the karmic wheel of suffering forever.

    How To Create Good Karma

    bad karma

    As your bad Karma is influencing your life, you can apply new intent to change your circumstances, then you’re creating new karma.

    Become the Lotus: grow, share good karma and remain unstained even in muddy circumstances. Start right now by thinking positive thoughts, and doing good deeds. Start the causality of good karma now. Take this FREE online course: How To Create Karma You Love
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