How To Create Good Karma

How To Create Good Karma

Karma is a spiritual system of cause and effect. Good Karma belongs to this system, as does bad karma. Delving into this world of spiritual causality can get very complex on a theological and metaphysical level, considering that there are many schools of  thought applied to this basic spiritual law. Karma takes on a different twist in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism; and there is reception in other traditions like Sikhism, Shintoism, Taoism, and Falun Gong. Some say that even in the original Biblical texts, before the holy book went through some major edits, reincarnation had been present.

Good Karma

What Is Good Karma?

Good Karma are good actions, deeds, thoughts, and verbal expressions that are saved, so to speak, in the cosmic hard drive, and then later replayed as consequences, for the one who had enacted the karma in the first place. If your karma is good, hence your life will be good. So just keep doing what you were doing to achieve your good life. I’m not just talking about having lots of money. The happiest people are those who have realized that giving up their desires completely will lead to inner peace, and true happiness in the form of joy.

Any way, I see good karma as a spiral moving upward toward the light, toward enlightenment.

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  • And bad kara is the spiral in reverse, moving deeper into the abyss of suffering.  The latter happens automatically, and for many, not consciously.  To create good karma this may require a huge amount of work on your part. But there is good news!

    Recognizing The Good, The Bad, And The Not So Bad

    Good Karma

    Both bad karma and good karma stem from patterns in human behaviour. When a pattern has been established, it repeats itself automatically. The trick is recognizing the pattern you are in, and then consciously change it, so it becomes your new, positive pattern for the future. This means that not only will your bad pattern play out without you interfering, so too will your good pattern, creating better karma into the future.

    But how? You need a method of consciously observing the way you think on a moment to moment basis. This will reveal the good, the bad, and the not so bad–which needs to get better–thoughts and deeds you do each day. This method will help you to transform your negative patterns into good ones. It will get you to the point where your good karma is being created all the time, without much work on your part. Learn this cool method now click:  How To Create The Karma You Love
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