Positive Thinking Tip: Are You Always busy? Do You Often think: I Have So Much To Do!

Positive Thinking Tip: Are You Always busy? Do You Often think: I Have So Much To Do!

If you think you’re always busy, you need to transform these thoughts, otherwise you will not get out of this negative loop. Do you need a positive thinking tip?

I’m writing about this, because I was plagued with thoughts like this:

“Oh yeah, I have so much to do! I wish I could be in many places at once to clean, cook, wash cloths, look after my grandchild; and then there’s the marketing to do, create videos for my courses, create music, not to mention being a mother and wife. Where does it all end? I have so much to do!

These thoughts bring me way out of my balance. The fact is, I have a lot on my plate, but thoughts like this will not help me to be focused and get things done.

At the same time, I might feel tired, and nervous, because my energy wants to be in too many places at once, as if many Danielas need to be everywhere all at the same time.

Do You Experience This Sometimes As Well?

Now, I want to tell you how I deal with this situation with a positive thinking tip.

At first, I sit down for a moment, take a deep breath, in and out.

Then I become aware of my scattered thoughts of being everywhere at once: like in the kitchen, in the office, at the store, and so on. I basically see myself in all of these places, like lots of Danielas everywhere being busy. Then I imagine bringing all these imaginary Danielas back to myself, basically centring my energy.

This little technique helps so much to be focused and centred.

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  • Then I make a list of all my daily tasks. A list with tasks helps me a lot to be motivated, and to stay focused on one thing at a time.

    If you have had these thoughts today, I suggest to transform them with the help of your Karma Journal (if you didn’t enroll in my free course “How To Create Karma You Love”, then go ahead and do it now)

    When your energy is everywhere, you can not be focused, and you will not be in balance with yourself, and your surroundings. You might even do something, which you didn’t intend to do, or something negative will happen, because you were distracted. And since you know that we are all connected, you will influence your family, friends or colleagues as well.

    So stay in balance by observing your thoughts, and bringing them back into the moment.

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